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My wife and I were looking to move to Texas from California.  We knew we would have very limited time to view houses in person, and were worried about not getting to see very many options.  Not only did Jeremy plan ahead and have over 10 houses scheduled for us to walk through, he gave up an entire Saturday to show us all of these homes.  While none of them ended up being the “one”, it allowed Jeremy to get a good feel for what we liked and disliked.  A few weeks later, a great prospect was listed online.  We had a feeling it was going to go fast, so Jeremy drove down for us that same day to do a preview of the house and property.  He took numerous pictures and videos of the entire house and property, as well as the drive into the neighborhood so we could really get a feel for the area.  It was this attention to detail that made us feel comfortable with Jeremy; we really knew he had our best interest in mind.  We knew the house wouldn’t be on the market for long, so with Jeremy’s help we made an offer on the house, sight unseen.  Despite being the lowest offer, Jeremy helped us to present our offer in a manner that made it the most appealing, ultimately landing us the house of our dreams!  Thanks for all the help Jeremy, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Chris & Emily Arend

Buying my first home was a scary prospect, but after just one phone call to Jeremy, I felt much more confident and comfortable with moving forward. He was very attentive to my needs and helped me find a lender that saved me thousands on my loan. Once I settled on the right home, Jeremy submitted my offer, arranged for all the various inspections that I needed and negotiated the sales price down considerably - and all within a matter of days. The whole process was quick, easy, and stress-free. I am absolutely pleased with my experience and will be recommending Jeremy to my friends.

Mary Florek

“Jeremy Constatino was a great help to my wife and I when we were in the market to buy a house. He was very familiar with the market and helped us understand how to be ready to purchase our home in the DFW area.”

Heriberto Herrera

“With Jeremy on your team, you can expect to have a highly focused and dedicated advocate to help you navigate the real estate market to meet your goals. Jeremy will lean on his wealth of knowledge and experience from general contracting, home remodeling, property management and general project management to guide you along the way. His peers and friends will tell you that Jeremy brings integrity, honesty and virtue into each personal or professional relationship.”

Melvyn Fernandes

“Thanks Jeremy and congratulations…again! GBT looks forward to helping you on your next project. You guys are fantastic at your craft and profession.”

Wayne Reynolds

“As a new investor in the real estate industry I needed guidance from someone who understood how to generate value. Partnering with Jeremy in real estate ventures was the best decision I've ever made. Jeremy has not only taught me how to generate profitable deals but he has displayed how to do it with honesty and integrity. You can trust that Jeremy has your best interest in mind.”

David Reeves

“Working with Jeremy in real estate over the last ten years has been one of the bright spots of my business relationships. Anyone who is working with him will find out the same very quickly.”

C. Gabriel Lewis

“My wife and I were looking to invest in the real estate market and Jeremy helped us find the best value for our money.  He was able to lead us to high value properties and usher us through the real estate buying process.  He was honest and clear about all the opportunities and their relative risk/reward.  In the end we have been very pleased with our decision based on Jeremy's guidance.  Thank you Jeremy, we are glad to have found you.”

Melvyn Fernandes

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Jeremy Constantino, REALTOR®

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