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Looking to Sell Your Home?

The time has come to strongly consider putting your property up for sale.  What are the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transaction process? I’ll help guide you through the selling process.  After years of experience negotiating and closing real estate deals, not only do we know the selling process, but we know what sells, how to get top dollar, and how to sell quickly.


Tips on Selling Your Home

Internet and technology have transformed the real estate industry for good.  Just a few years ago homes were sold through word of mouth, newspaper ads, and other marketing techniques.  However, now due to the advances in digital communications, homes are sold because they are marketed online.  What does this mean to you?  We are convinced that the most important aspects in selling your home are as follows:

  1. List your home for sale on MLS

  2. Clean and stage your home appropriately

  3. Have professional pictures taken of your home

  4. Price the home right

We have over 12 years of success.  We know what it takes to sell a home.  Let us help you succeed too.


We go Above and Beyond for You

What sets us apart from other Realtors® is that we can offer you 3 selling strategies that go above and beyond a normal listing agreement.  We will use our years of experience to leverage solid market data to help you generate what is most important to you: quick sale, minimal effort, top sale price.

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3 Strategies Based on Your Needs

  • Strategy #1: Price low.  If time is critical to you and you don't want to spend any effort cleaning or making repairs, then we will price the property below market value.  This will improve the probability of multiple offers and a quick sale. 

  • Strategy #2: Staging plan.  This is the status quo when selling a house; good cleaning, staging etc.  We will work with you to develop a plan to get your house ready for showing - and most importantly ready for professional pictures.

  • Strategy #3: Small remodel plan.  Based on our experience in real estate remodeling and investing, we can propose a couple small projects that could maximize the potential selling price of your home.  This could greatly reduce the time on market needed to get an offer on your house.  Small projects could be: new flooring, new front entry door, countertops, etc.  Basically, biggest bang for your buck projects, that can take your property to the next level.

In all three strategies we will show you comparable sales that are closest to each of the strategy.  We use our data analysis software to give you an idea of what return on investment you could make if you chose to do a small remodel.  We  have years of experience analyzing situations like this, and would love to maximize your profits! 

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