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Looking for Additional Cash Flow?  Looking to invest in real estate?

Real Estate investing can provide a secure and steady income to add to your diversified investment portfolio.  If you are a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out, we can take you through the process.  We can work with you to find a rental property that you will own outright, or you can choose to partner with us in one of our larger projects.  Give us a call today, and see what will work best for your investment strategy and goals.


We are a full service real estate group servicing the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  Not only do we provide the standard realty services but we offer additional real estate investment opportunities for clients looking to expand and diversify their investment portfolio. 

The REALTOR® services we offer our clients are as follows:

  • Purchasing real estate

  • Selling real estate

  • Buying real estate properties for investment

The additional real estate investment opportunities we offer our clients are as follows:

  • Partnership (through syndication) on large real estate projects.  Profits (and losses) are distributed amongst the shareholders based on their percentage investment in the partnership.  Projects are managed by Tino's Real Estate Group.

  • Partnership (only two members) on smaller real estate projects.  Opportunity to partner with us on one project at a time, while allowing the client more autonomy throughout the project.

  • REI Consulting.  Looking to get into Real Estate Investing (REI) on your own, but just need a little kick start?  We offer ad-hoc consulting for anything REI related, wether that be: design recommendations, sub-contractor guidance, understanding economics and ROI, cost estimating, staging, etc 

  • Long-Term REI Coaching.  Establishing stable and secure real estate investments is a process that takes time.  We can work with you to develop a strategic plan specified for your personal REI goals.  And most importantly coach you through the process over the years.

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Start Investing in Real Estate Today!

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