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We are a small family owned business serving the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  Tino's Real Estate, LLC was founded in Euless, TX in 2008.  From starting out with single family residential projects, to multi-family units, to now designing and general contracting luxury home renovations, we have a broad range of experience that benefits all our clients.

About Us: About


We are a Full-Service Real Estate Group servicing the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  Not only do we provide the standard realty services but we offer additional real estate investment opportunities for clients looking to expand and diversify their investment portfolio. 

The REALTOR® services we offer our clients are as follows:

  • Purchasing real estate

  • Selling real estate

  • Buying real estate properties for investment

About Us: About


Over the past couple years we have become more experienced in Design and General Contracting specifically for single family home remodeling.  We have managed about a dozen projects totaling about $1.5M in construction costs. With a specific eye for keeping costs down, managing a tight construction schedule, and at the same time staying abreast to the latest design trends, we offer any home owner or investor the tools they need to achieve a great project.

The Design & Construction Services we offer our clients are as follows:

  • Floor Plan Design

  • Interior Design & Fixture Selection

  • General Contracting

About Us: About


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Jeremy has over 13 years of real estate experience: single-family homes, foreclosures, rental units, multi-family units, luxury residential home building, remodeling, general contracting, design and construction.  He is married with 3 children and resides in Richardson, TX.


Amelia plays a critical role in Tino's Real Estate Group... Design!  All of our renovations are designed in house, and Amelia brings a great sense of what is trending and what the market demands.


David is the best at analyzing potential investment opportunities with his superb market analysis skills, comparable sales analysis, and cost estimating.


Candace assists in the Design of the luxury home renovations.  The Reeves reside in Saginaw, TX with their six children.  In 2016, the Reeves were instrumental in taking Tino's Real Estate Group to the next level of growth.

About Us: Team Members


Special thanks to all of our preferred vendors!  They make these real estate projects a reality.  We highly recommend their services for any project you might have.  Please click on the pictures to be taken to their business websites.  Enjoy!

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